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Paul Bullen, Mick Mahon and Colin Robertson flew in to Cosford for the RAFFCA Fly in. It was well attended but some were put off by the weather. Nice setup, good food, friendly crowd and a trip round the museum. Perfect.Line upCosford

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Well we tried !!
The weather played a major part in thwarting the outstanding arrangements that had been put in place to hold a Fly-In for RAFFCA club members and some of the nearby flying and gliding clubs. The weather forecast gave an increasing wind strength from the South through the day. This was out of limits for a lot of visitors and, indeed, several phoned during the early part of the day to cancel as they couldn't depart from their home airfields due to the cross winds.

All was not lost, and our first visitor arrived at about midday, made two approaches going around on each before returning to his home airfield without landing. However, the wind during afternoon was not as strong as forecast and we eventually welcomed seven visiting aircraft out of the 44 that had requested prior permission to visit. We also completed two flights in G-BLPI. The BBQ provided bacon rolls, burgers and sausages throughout most of the day and tea, coffee and soft drinks were available in the Tea Bar all day.
There were 3 presentations given by Gary Jackson, Rob Hart and Martin Reynolds. Gary provided a good insight to taking part in Top Nav competitions along with a lot of hints and tips to ensure success in the competitions. This was followed by a fascinating presentation given by Rob Hart, of Sky Demon, on the use of their software. We all discovered a lot of functionality that those who use the system rarely, if ever, exploited and Rob took away some thoughts for future development from the audience. The last presentation was given by Martin Reynolds on Precision Navigation and, again, there was a lot of good information given to the audience.

Despite the frustrations the PFC team remained in good spirits and worked hard to make the best of the day and to welcome the few visitors who arrived by air and several more who travelled by road. On balance, the day was a success but did not achieve all of the Fly-In aims.

So it only remains to thank all of those who made the day a success despite the frustrations. In particular, thanks are recorded to Pete Griffiths and George Lee who manned the Tower, Robin Morris and Neil Carnegie Ops and Land Rover, Andy March BBQ chef and Mini Bus driver, Rosemary Parsons and John Pollock who ran the Tea Bar all day between them, the BBQ chefs Adam Scott and Greg Vaughan, the aircraft parking and marshalling team comprising Paul Bullen, Rod Arnold, Gavin Tennison, and Colin Philip, the visitor booking in/out team of Emily Ansell and Fash Fashade, Ted Burke the Bowser Operator and, of course, our three presenters, Gary, Rob and Martin and Roy Twigg who facilitated the presentations with the audio/visual equipment and other support and, finally, Col Robertson who photographed the event. A thank you is also due to those who provided support, equipment and resources to run the event including Chris Hives of RAFFCA, the CO, Wg Cdr Phil Owen, the XO Sqn Ldr Andy Callendar and his staff, the Station Warrant Officer and his team, the Wyton Officers' and Sergeants Messes, the Station Community Team for permitting the hire of the People Carrier, Gavin Tennison and Mike Wood who provided radios and Paul Bullen who loaned a little run about which made moving equipment so much easier.

A big thank you all from me personally, it would not have happened without your ongoing help and support.

with very best regards


--- and of course a huge thanks to Mick who lead the organisation and without whom the event would not have happened.

Andy March

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NeilGreat day out flying into RAF Coningsby with 4 aircraft with a visit to BBMF. Click on the title to show more photographs or visit our Facebook page.

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On 16 August RAF Wyton hosted the Pathfinder Force Annual Service of Thanksgiving and Commemoration followed by Sunday lunch in the Warrant Officer and Sergeants' Mess. The event was attended by 6 Pathfinder veterans accompanied by many friends and family together with Station personnel. Following the Lunch the guest were delighted to see a series of flypasts by John Romain from Duxford in the recently restored Blenheim Mk1.  For photos, see the PFC facebook page.

On 15 August, the 73rd anniversary of the formation of the Pathfinder Force, the Flying Club was privileged to be able to fly a number of veterans over the original Pathfinder airfields of Warboys, Oakington, Graveley and of course Wyton itself. The pilots for the 3 flights in the Robin were OiC Andy March, D/OiC Paul Bailey and Committee Secretary Ted Burke.

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